Roanoke RailRoader Contra Dance Weekend

      Sound by :

        Ed Howe


   Emily Rush

July 1-2-3-4, 2021


This dance is kid-friendly.

If you would like to bring your own fireworks, please do so. We will be lighting them on Saturday night.

Please watch the speed limits when driving in the Salem area. The police actively patrol the area and will write tickets 5 miles over speed limit.

The next Roanoke Railroader will be :  July 1, 2, 3, 4, 2021

     Toss The Possum

       Laura Zisette

       Rob Zisette


               Gaslight Tinkers

Peter Siegal           Karina Wilson

Garrett  Sawyer      Joe  Fitzpatrick


We will be employing covid-19 precautions as

needed and required by the State Of Virginia.

We understand this is a fluid situation that will likely change in the next few months. More will be posted on this in a few  weeks as information becomes available.

Bands:      Toss The Possum

                Gaslight Tinkers        

Callers:     Gaye Fifer

                Will Mentor

                   Warren Doyle

                   Emily Rush


Rushfest    Emily Rush

Workshops: Dutch Crossing    Gaye Fifer

                     Flatfooting            Terry Doyle

Sound:   Ed Howe

Price includes meal Saturday evening and continental breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings. Cookout/potluck at picnic area on Saturday at 5pm.
Full weekend:  $ 125   ($ 135  May 31)  Under 25 & Students : $ 95


Thursday night dance $20 (free to full weekend dancers)

Friday evening $ 30

Saturday all day $ 75  (includes breakfast and dinner)

Saturday night only $ 35 (7:30pm - 12midnight)

Sunday $ 25


     ( IS included in full weekend pricing)

Camping $ 35   per 2-person tent for entire weekend

RV's       $ 35 (currently negotiating fee)