Free Raisins

Audrey Knuth, Jeff Kaufman & Amy Englesberg

Toss The Possum

Rob Zisette & Laura Zisette


Emily Rush

July 6-7-8-9, 2017

Great Bear 6.0

Andrew, Noah  VanNorstrand , Kim Yerton
Dana Billings, Rebecca Bosworth-Clemmons

& Chris Miller

Roanoke RailRoader Contra Dance Weekend

There are special Roanoke Railroader prices for these 3 hotels:

 Baymont - $ 79.95   La Quinta  $ 89.00 Holiday Inn Exp. $109

You must ask for Railroader rates to get these !

There are 3 hotels very close to the dance, all off Sheraton Drive, Salem:

La Quinta:
Holiday Inn Express:


Special RailRoader Weekend pricing ends on 6/7/2017. These prices are current as of 1/24/2017.

The Baymont and the La Quinta are located on adjoining properties. The Holiday Inn Express is approximately 1/10 of a mile away, and all 3 are on the same short road. There is a Burger King, gas station and convenience store between the 3 hotels.

I have personally been in rooms in all 3 and they all are really, really nice, with fridges, microwaves, irons, hair dryers and all are new or recently remodeled and all 3 also have swimming pools.


There is camping on-site at the Moose Lodge. The site is approximately 25 acres, so there’s lots of room to spread out. Camping cost is $20 for 2 persons per tent for  the weekend.

  • Recreational Vehicles: There are a few full RV hookups, but plenty of room to park RV’s without hooking up to water or power.
  • Hammock Camping: There are plenty of trees for hammock camping.
  • Facilities: There is an out building with showers and restrooms. Showers are all in one room, so shower times will be alternating between men and women.There will also be portable toilets. A portable shower or 2 of some sort WILL be setup near camping area.


For those traveling into the Roanoke Valley area, we have arranged a few lodging options, including camping on-site at the Moose Lodge, or discounted fares at 3 local hotels.