Roanoke RailRoader Contra Dance Weekend


Laura Zisette, Rob Zisette and Noah VanNorstrand

Toss The Possum

Contra Dancing Sample Videos:

Mission Statement:

The Roanoke Railroader Contra Dance Weekend is being created to provide a new contra dance opportunity for the Roanoke area. The date was picked to closely coincide with 4th of July to take advantage of vacation week opportunities and to provide a contra dance weekend during the summer months.

The intent of this dance is to create an environment that promotes a great dancing opportunity and also an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and the natural settings and attractions of the local area.

The long range vision for the Roanoke Railroader Contra Dance event is to develop this into a 4-5 day long weekend event encompassing contra dancing and all things pertaining to contra dancing such as different dances, callers, musicians, and other contra dance related items.

This weekend will strive to create a bonding experience and a sense of community and fellowship among contra dancers.